Yoga Poses to Enhance Your Sex Life

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Bound Angle: 
  • While sitting on the floor or mat, place the hands on the ankles and put the bottom of the feet together. Allow the knees to drop toward the floor, and bend forward, keeping the back as straight as possible.
  • The pull should be felt from the hips, which gives more openness and easier movement in the lower extremities of the body. This allow the sexual organs greater access to stimulation.
  • Another benefit of yoga for those desiring a better sex life is its strengthening of core muscles. Yoga can amplify the sensations felt during sex by training the muscles of the pelvic area to support sexual activity. One of the yoga positions which give more muscular control during sex is the following:
Mula Bandha: 
  • This yoga move is similar to the Kegel exercises prescribed by modern sex therapists. Either in a seated position or while standing upright, squeeze the pubococcygeus muscle and hold for a count of ten. Then, release. The beauty of this yoga move is that it may be practiced anywhere throughout the day.
Yoga Pushups: 
  • The third yoga move which can change boring sex into bedroom chills and thrills is intended to improve stamina and endurance. The longer a sexual adventure lasts, the more pleasure is derived from it so everyone wants to be able to go the distance. Try this yoga move to provide that staying power.
  • Begin this move as you would a regular pushup, but before reaching the floor, pull the elbows in and hold the position. Take five inhalations and exhalations before lowering the body to the floor. Just five yoga pushups a day can give you the power needed for great sex at any time.
Yogic Breathing: 
  • Yoga move number four is a yoga exercise involving breathing which will heighten sensations and help you learn to stay in the moment:
  • Sit quietly with feet together and hands resting on the abdomen. Take short quick breaths through the nose only. Once you have practiced this, you can incorporate this type of breathing during sexual play to heighten climax or achieve a more powerful orgasm.
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